My Secret Paradise – Vinbar Århus

Merilyn is Indonesian chinese language and lives in Singapore, but prefers life in the Northern hemisphere, particularly in Bergen metropolis at the west coast of Norway. once I met Merilyn to pay attention approximately her Nordic adventures, she spoke approximately Bergen and Norway with such ardour and pleasure that I understood this vicinity could be very unique to her. So why is an Asian lady so fascinated by this cold metropolis inside the a ways reaches of Northern Europe? i would soon find out Vinbar Århus.

How did you first determine to go to Norway?

‘at some point of my layout studies in San Francisco, I got to understand a Norwegian photo fashion designer who invited me to visit him and his circle of relatives in Bergen and have fun Christmas there in 2005. i have usually been attracted to the colder weather and turned into absolutely searching ahead to travelling a Nordic us of a. i was also very enthusiastic about having a white Christmas for the first time in my life’.

Merilyn has many fond memories from her first go to in Bergen and explains how she participated in all the conventional Christmas sports; from cutting down their very own Christmas tree to ingesting dried mutton ribs and mashed turnip. for the reason that she stayed with a nearby family, she were given to experience the actual Norwegian culture and customs. ‘human beings in Bergen are so friendly and that i additionally love the Norwegian language. the first instances I heard human beings speaking, I notion it appeared like they have been making a song!’ She has been able to research the fundamentals of the language quite properly and impressed me with a few thoroughly reported sentences.

Small metropolis, many colors

even though Bergen is the second largest town in Norway, it is nonetheless pretty small on the world scale. (The populace is simplest 250,000) the entirety is inside walking distance and not spread out like in different towns. There aren’t any high rises and maximum buildings are of the charming vintage timber fashion. Merilyn points out how colorful the homes are and the way this allows brighten up the dark iciness months. ‘What i found pretty unusual turned into in an effort to stroll among houses and see via home windows which had been regularly displayed with interesting rustic embellishes. The home windows may be visible as framed snap shots or art work’.

Spring – The best time of year

seeing that her first live in Bergen, Merilyn has been again several times and skilled the extremely diverse seasons in Norway. Her preferred time of the year is honestly spring. ‘for the duration of spring, the metropolis comes alive after the dark wintry weather months. it’s so beautiful to see the lake covered with red cherry blossoms and to smell clean flora that grow everywhere.

She recommends may also because the excellent time to visit Bergen, because of the various festivals and outside activities taking vicinity for the duration of that month. Bergen global festival is one of the activities, which includes tune, dance and theatre performances going on all around the town, and also in sudden places. She explains how one time, a violin player unexpectedly regarded from a hollow inside the floor within the center of the city, while acting a classical piece of song.

Spring is also a exceptional time for hiking in Bergen and exploring the seven mountains that surround the metropolis. you could also join the ‘Seven Mountain Hike’ which takes place in can also each yr. This occasion has come to be a famous appeal and includes a 35 km trek with a total ascent of 2,three hundred meters. Merilyn is inspired with how match the hikers are and describes how even older ladies can climb the mountains with such ease.

another popular trekking activity is mountaineering the 801 steps of Stoltzekleiven, that’s a path up one of the mountains known as Sandviken. there’s also a competition held annually wherein young and old tries to climb the stairs as quickly as viable. The modern-day record is 8 mins and thirteen seconds!

By no means-ending summer time days

the main vacationer season in Bergen is in the course of the summer season months of June, July and August, when the town can come to be pretty crowded via travelers. Many traffic are amazed with the aid of the lengthy hours of daytime in the summer season, as the sun units after 11pm and rises once more at four.30am. Merilyn also loved the prolonged summer time days and explains how humans appear extra energetic and happy throughout the warmer season and like to spend a variety of time exterior.

Superb seafood and special meats

one in every of Merilyn’s best reminiscences from summer in Norway changed into staying at a friend’s cabin on a small island near Bergen called Upsøy. They went fishing for the duration of the day and ate the fresh catch for dinner at night time. ‘It turned into so clean and engaging’, i’ve by no means had fish that tasted so top’ she says. She also loves the well-known Norwegian salmon, however one of her maximum preferred meals is the fish desserts (‘Fiskekaker’).

they are very distinct from the Asian range as they have got a stronger fish flavor and are therefore tastier. they may be usually served with potatoes and gravy, however you may also consume them on their very own as a small meal or snack. other Norwegian dishes that Merilyn has tried encompass elk and reindeer. She considers those styles of meat to be very unusual as it comes from wild animals and not from the farms and feature a sturdy, distinct taste, very exceptional from some other sort of meat. there may be also the brown cheese (‘Brunost’) which has such rich taste that you could clearly consume it on its own or on undeniable bread. most Norwegians residing remote places crave for this cheese.

The rain Bergen is the region in which it rains maximum in Norway, that is a nuisance to many people. Even all through iciness it rains greater than it snows, and the once a year rainfall frequently reaches a staggering 2250 mm. Merilyn however, has no court cases about the climate. She thinks the rain allows maintain the city glowing easy and so long as you have got proper clothing, you could nonetheless hold dry whilst being out of doors. She fondly recollects looking small youngsters dressed in their cute rain coats, playing with the puddles at the streets. She thinks Norwegians have found a manner to stay with this weather and weather that may be instead severe at instances. ‘They understand a way to get dressed to deal with the moist situations and every now and then freezing temperatures’. ‘I additionally suppose that Norwegians recognize a way to admire nature and preserve the particular surroundings around them. They work with nature in place of towards it, and ensure that buildings and homes combo in with the environment.

Paintings tough and birthday party difficult

Merilyn explains that the working hours in Norway are an awful lot shorter than in Singapore, which results in a greater balanced lifestyles between paintings and circle of relatives. standard office hours are generally from 8am to 4pm which means that that humans have greater time to spend with their families. but, she additionally thinks they paintings very difficult as they’re extra green and productive while at paintings. She provides that the Norwegians like to celebration hard as well; ‘It become amusing to observe all the lively people at some point of weekend nights as they had been ingesting and playing themselves within the bars. The nightlife is absolutely busy in Bergen, specifically on Friday and Saturday nights while human beings are celebrating the weekend. There is a superb range of locations to select from including casual cafes, wine bars, golf equipment and locations with stay track (see Merilyn’s hints for greater details)

My secret paradise

Merilyn likes to think about Bergen as her personal secret paradise, considering the fact that no longer many humans she is aware of have been there and it isn’t a common travel vacation spot from Singapore. but, she does no longer hesitate to recommend others to visit this lovely city at the west coast of Norway as it presents an extremely good and particular excursion enjoy. ‘If you want mountain hiking and admire fresh air and cooler climate, you will without a doubt experience Bergen and its breathtaking herbal surroundings’.

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